Strategic Legal Futures & Foresight Program

Strategic Legal Futures and Foresight (SLFF) is the application of strategic foresight in the legal sector for the purpose of possible or probable futures in the legal industry. Strategic foresight is an organizational, social, and personal practice that allows us to create functional and operational views of alternative futures and possibilities. Futures studies (colloquially called "futures") is the formal and systematic study of possible, probable, and preferable futures, and of methods of foresight development for individuals, groups, and human society.

Futures thinking is one of the most critical skill sets for organizational leadership today. We depend a lot on hindsight to run our businesses, economies and countries. In our rapidly changing world, this can no longer be our practice. Our leaders must develop the skill of identifying emerging issues, building alternative scenarios, and creating transformational futures.

The SLFF program is a first step to developing foresight skills for legal professionals, especially strategic legal thinkers. Robust legal foresight can be utilised to enhance the quality of strategic decision making in the lawyering ecosystem, especially in complex industrial revolution 4.0 operating environments. This course will enable lawyers to implement legal foresight programs that would improve their organisation’s capacity to realise the opportunities and manage both strategic and operational legal risks in this era of disruptive technological, economic and social change.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Who Should Attend

This programme has been designed for both lawyers as well as non lawyers who sit in Board of Directors, C-Suite Executives, Executive Leadership teams, Strategic/Transformation teams. Senior Management, and their teams who work on the development of strategic futures and foresight perspectives for their organisations will find this programme highly relevant.

The course is particularly relevant for those engaged in:

This executive program is relevant to both public and private sectors. Corporate runs can be customised to incorporate the topics and issues of specific interest to participants in industry.

Topics covered:

These topics will be covered in a 2-day, 16-hour programme blending theory, case study and practical workshop exercises that can be applied directly in the workplace.

It can be customised to accommodate the specific projects, topics or issues relevant to course participants. In this case, the workshop will focus on a set foresight project or challenge highlighted by participants.