Smart City Law

Smart city law is about the laws and regulations in the design and development of smart cities.

A smart city is a term given to a city that incorporates information and communication technologies (ICT) especially sensor technology and big data analytics to enhance the quality and performance of urban services. Such urban services include energy, transportation and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.

The overarching aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology and the sustainable use of resources. Smart city laws are the laws and regulations that govern the design, development and maintenance of smart cities.

This course comprises the following modules:

    1. What is a smart city?
      1. Nature and features of smart cities
      2. Global trends in smart city development
      3. Challenges and opportunities in smart city design
    2. Overview of laws and regulations in designing smart cities
      1. Law, Governance & Technology in smart city design
      2. Key legal areas in smart city design
        1. ICT law
        2. Infrastructure, construction and engineering laws (or Built environment law)
        3. Environmental law
        4. Intellectual Property Rights
        5. Data rights law
        6. Privacy law
      3. How to design a regulatory framework for smart cities
        1. Approach in developed economies
        2. Emerging market legal and regulatory strategies
        3. Automated compliance as a service
    3. ICT Laws
      1. Laws relating to technology deployment
        1. Hardware, software and services
        2. Sensor technologies and its legal aspects
        3. Cybersecurity and its legal aspects
      2. Big Data and Analytics in smart cities: The Legal Aspects
        1. What is Big Data and Analytics?
        2. What is Legal Analytics and “Big Law”
    4. Intellectual Property Rights law in smart cities
      1. Copyrights
      2. Patents
      3. Trademarks
      4. IP in data rights
    5. Smart City Case Studies
      1. Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
      2. Emerging economies: India, China and Indonesia